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In 1982, Fr. Enevoldsen and his wife founded in Nørrebro (Copenhagen) the jewelery that would later become PANDORA. Marriage often traveled to Thailand where she selected jewelery to import, and as the demand for these jewels increased, the company was focusing its activities on wholesale.

In 1987, after several years of great success as wholesalers, they definitively abandoned their retail activity and moved the company to larger premises. A couple of years of wholesale activity encouraged the marriage to found its own factory in Thailand to, among other things, take over the designs. With the addition of designer Lone Frandsen the creation of an exclusive jewelry brand began to take shape. In 1996 was incorporated the jewelry and designer Lisbeth Larsen, who along with Lone has been a decisive factor when defining the PANDORA style.

In 1999 the well-known PANDORA beaded bracelets were introduced on the Danish market. The concept immediately had a fantastic reception among the consumers and PANDORA was growing to the rhythm of the demand. Abroad, the huge interest in marketing PANDORA products has made PANDORA a global brand that is currently marketed in 18 countries. Being a two-person company 25 years ago, it now has 35 employees at its headquarters in Copenhagen and 1000 employees at the PANDORA Productions factory in Thailand.

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